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COVID19 Advisory

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to develop, all the team at OneMind Services is prepared and committed to providing support in every way we can whether you have fast-paced projects to move people at home or if your team needs any assistance achieving business continuity with your communication services.

However, we want to ensure safety for all our employees and staff, starting today, our support will be observing reduced support hours on the weekends.

Support Hours Start 17 MARCH 2020 through at least 03 MAY 2020

Monday- Friday: Availability : 00:00 – 23:59

Saturday and Sundays: Emergency tickets only, Support SLA of 24 hours

All the Orders received on weekends will be delivered on next business day.

We are closely following the World Health Organization updates and recommendations and kindly recommend you do so.

We value all of our customers and appreciate your business. If you need any tips or advice on working remotely or need Business services like softphones, virtual desktops and other options, we will be happy to offer the services to all OneMind Service customers


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