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OneMind Services is a leader in designing and deploying Security Solutions. We are constantly working on identifying cost-effective innovative top-of-the-line security systems for Enterprise and Small-Business Customers.Security is at the forefront of any organization and with the current Land space and the rise of the new generation of hackers and viruses, you need a leading-edge security architecture.

    • Enterprises can suffer major financial losses if a CyberSecurity incident is reported in a business. The fear of revenue loss is the prime reason that organizations have begun taking proactive measures against vulnerabilities in their infrastructure. We strictly follow Cisco’s BDA (Before, During, and After) attack continuum and helps the organizations to get their security up to speed.

    • Below are some of our offerings around Security deployment but before any deployment, we have a standard practice to understand what you think of security for your organization before we take on any projects. It is imperative for us to understand and assess the depth of your organization’s network traffic to come up with a customized security portfolio for you.

    Secure Your Network With :

    • Network Security Assessment

    • Compliance Testing

    • End Point Security Assessment and Quarantine Services

    • Employee Training against Social Engineering and Corporate End Point Responsibility

    • Network Security Training for the IT staff and how to act before, during and after the attack

    • Black Box Hack Test

    • Proof of Concept Hosting and Testing

    OneMind’s Advantage:

    • No Obligation basic assessment for your network

    • Post engagement detailed network assessment along with hack test report

    • Vulnerability Scans

    • Social Engineering Tests

    • Staff Education on Security Practices

    • Identity Management

    • Highly Qualified Engineering Team with several years of experience

    • Automated remediation and recovery

    Design & Deploy Networks With :

    • ASA with FirePOWER Services

    • Cisco Identity Services Engine

    • Cisco Web Security

    • Cisco Email Security Threat Defense

    • Cisco Advanced Malware Protection For Network

    • Cisco Advanced Malware Protection For End Points

    • Cisco TALOS

    • Cisco Hosted Security as a Service (HSS) Solution For SP

    • Cisco Meraki MX Solution

    What problems does OneMind Learning/Delivery Services security training help solve?

    OneMind Services learning services security training takes full advantage of the collective expertise of global security experts to deliver a thorough, hands-on, and relevant expertise that prepares you to best defend against these intrusions.

    OneMind Services learning services security training provides superior, world-class training experiences in the complex area of network and data security. While it helps to understand that no single solution protects you from a variety of threats, Cisco security training can cover multiple layers of security through its robust portfolio.

    Effective network security targets a variety of threats and stops them from entering or spreading on the network.

    The most common types of attacks include:

    • Viruses/worms

    • Trojan horses

    • Spyware and adware

    • Zero-day attacks (also called zero-hour attacks)

    • Hacker attacks

    • Data interception and identity theft


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