Professional services

OneMind Services offers world-class Professional services to cater to all your network and cloud needs.  We will design, deploy, test, and deliver your network infrastructure anywhere across the globe.  Reduce your planning cycles from several months to a few weeks. Our enterprise and partners are consistently challenged to get a proof-of-concept or a network deployment done in a short period with perfection.  

OneMind Services experts alleviate your challenge by bringing our infrastructure and network expertise to build and deliver your projects swiftly.  

Here is a short-list of things we can manage and deliver for you

Network and Storage Infrastructure

Network and Storage Design

SD-WAN Infrastructure Design and Deployment

Network and Application Security

Wireless Lan

Fixed Wireless Access

Building Use-Case Scenarios

Cisco ACI Design and Deployment

Cisco SDA Design and Deployments

Complex Multi-Vendor Integration

Migration Planning and Configuration Validation

Topology Setup and Testing

Network Programmability and Automation


Following Field Services are available across North America

Rack and


VOIP & IP Phone Deployments

Wireless Lan Deployment

Network Planning and Deployment

Wireless Site


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