Disaster Recovery As A Services (DRaaS)

Disaster recovery services are like Insurance policies. You don’t want to use it but you never know when you will need it.  Business Data is always vulnerable to loss not only from Natural disasters like tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, Tsunamis but also from other factors like Security failures, software failures, data breaches, and unplanned outages, and of course Human Failures.

The aforementioned failures can transpire into multi-fold problems like loss of reputation, financial and legal damages, and a plethora of other complications that a good business can’t afford.



Failover and failback in just minutes



State of the arts tool protect your most sensitive data.



DRaaS data centers are build to comply with PCI, SOX, and HIPAA requirements.

OneMind Services Offer Tailor-Maid Solutions To Circumvent And Plan For Disaster Recovery

Key Features

  • Software-Defined

  • Single Pane of Glass for all Disaster management

  • Any Compliance

  • Agile and Flexible, can be tailored to the customer needs

  • Multiple cloud options (Private, Public)

  • Tiered storage

  • DDOS protection, Ransomware protection

  • Consistent and Rapid Deployments

  • Easy Scaling

OneMind Services Advantages

Cloud Experts
Deep Industry Expertise
Partnerships With Leaders In Disaster Recovery
Award-winning customer case studies showcasing less than 15 minutes of recovery time

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