Custom Software Development

OneMind’s Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) service enable organizations to keep pace with the evolving business requirements.

Our domain and technology expertise helps organizations to address some of the following needs:

  • Transform existing applications to leverage emerging technologies – Legacy Application Modernization
  • Enhance digital capabilities to unlock the full potential of Web, Mobile applications
  • Keeping lights on with optimal delivery models – Maintenance and Support.
  • Portfolio analysis to identify opportunities to Improve and consolidate technology landscape – Purpose Built Solutions – Web and Mobile Applications
Outsourced Product Development

With the software market becoming more competitive and mature, product companies are under immense pressure to periodically release new versions in the market keeping costs of such a model intact

Moreover, product development is an intensive activity that requires a lot of attention. So, the only way ISVs can crash their product roadmap and release newer versions faster is to outsource product development activities to an OPD provider. We at OneMind specialize in product development for the world with new norm where typically software products are based on Cloud Infrastructure, leveraging the latest technologies from open source stack

By outsourcing product development, companies are able to:

  • Acquire expertise
  • Build additional resources
  • Minimize development costs
  • Crash product roadmaps
Test Automation Services

Test Automation Tool – Simplexo  

Our platform/tool [Simplexo] is a robust application built to handle web and mobile functional test automation with ease. The tool comes as an installable and which can be set up and configured in a few minutes.

The tool has several rich features

  • Extensive libraries
  • In-Built Dynamic Element Identification
  • Integrations with other tools and cloud platforms
  • Built-In Grid mechanism for remote execution
  • Customized Test Execution Reporting
  • Capability to automate Character Based Interface applications [AS400, Mainframe apps]

Test Automation as a Service

  • Test Automation Center of Excellence [CoE]
  • Updating & Migration Service
  • Automation Consulting

Areas of Expertise

Automation & Related Tools

  • Open Source Test automation tools like Selenium, Appium, Sahi
  • Commercial Test automation tools like TestComplete, UFT
  • Continuous integration tools like Jenkins, Travis
  • Build tools like Maven and ANT


  • Banking, Retail, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Finance and Accounting


  • Web, Mobile [Android and IOS], Desktop


  • Cloud platforms [Azure and AWS]
  • Virtualization and Containerization [Docker]
  • Cloud Service Provider integrations [Sauce Labs, Browser Stack]

Languages, Databases & Technologies

  • Java, JavaScript, Python, Angular, PHP, NodeJS, Web Service [SOAP, REST], MySQL, PostgreSQL


  • Apache, Nginx, NodeJS, IIS

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